Configuration Format Changes

Version 1 (Alias ‘0.10’)


  • Include mechanism
  • Version check

Version 2


  • Configuration file versions are now integers


  • Including files from repos that are not defined in the current file

Version 3


  • Task key that allows to specify which task to run (bitbake -c)

Version 4


  • Target key now allows to be a list of target names

Version 5

Changed behavior

  • Using multiconfig:* targets adds appropriate BBMULTICONFIG entries to the local.conf automatically.

Version 6


  • env key now allows to pass custom environment variables to the bitbake build process.

Version 7


  • type property to repos to be able to express which version control system to use.

Version 8


  • patches property to repos to be able to apply additional patches to the repo.

Version 9


  • defaults key can now be used to set a default value for the repository property refspec and the repository patch property repo. These default values will be used if the appropriate properties are not defined for a given repository or patch.

Version 10


  • build_system property to pre-select OE or Isar.

Version 11

Changed behavior

  • String item includes are now using repo-relative paths. File-relative is still supported by issues a deprecation warning.
  • bblayers.conf is generated with BBPATH and BBFILES preset to common defaults. Those can still be overwritten via bblayers_conf_headers.


  • menu_configuration key stores the selections done via kas menu in a configuration file. It is only evaluated by that plugin.